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Hi, we're JH206. We are a homogeneous bunch of people, though we're still quite unique in our own way. We're the best class, really, though no one else will admit that fact. When you visit us, don't forget to bask in all our super-awesomeness, because you might never get another chance.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 9:35 PM

Oh in case anyone was wondering why can't we go to Causeway Point for dinner, it's because they are already starting to revamp, and many shops are already closed. They should be closing down to revamp soon, so we can't go there. Sorry just to add this into the Dinner section!!(: Thanks.

Overall Details for JH206 CLASS OUTING Dec '10!
8:50 PM


Sorry for this rather late post; I was out the whole day. Okay so this will contain the overall details, and rough timetable for Friday's event!

Meeting up:

We will meet at the faregates of MARSILING MRT STATION at 9.30am. We will then take 856 to Waterfront Park, which is about5-6 bus stops away. We won't get lost as our dear CHELSEA MUN knows the way.(:

What do we do there:

Most of it is a surprise, but a rough timetable would be class games (both self-invented and commercial), ball games, picnic lunch, KITE-FLYING. Yeah. That's all. Maybe if anyone has anymore ideas please feel free to text me!(:


Yeah Michael and Mingyi are in charge of this and most of you have already chosen what you would want to bring. I'll get Rehana to bring our class funds, and for those who want to get a refund you can.(:


We'll be going to some nearby shopping centre to find food, so the nearest shopping centre would be Sun Plaza at Sembawang Station (which is really small and i don't know if we can find anything there) and Lot 1 in Choa Chu Kang. Both are 3 stops away from Marsiling station, but Lot 1 is bigger and there are more things there. So we can make our choice then, depending on the majority.

I do hope most of us can go for dinner, but if you strongly object to the location then I can't force you either...

I think that's all the details you guys need to know. Sorry that it's so late!!!!):
I hope we enjoy this class outing! Our dear CT Rep may not be coming, though I hope she would, so I really hope that this class outing is a fun one! Let out everything and go crazy!!(:

06 FTW :D


Updates and whatnots
Saturday, July 3, 2010 11:11 PM

Hey 06,

Yes, the blogskin has been changed once again! It's now redder than ever and (sadly) less colourful. Basically, it's like our 2nd blogskin, except slightly neater and more organised. I will try to incorporate some sotongs in it next time.

Oh look! 11:11! **Makes wish**

Anyway, that's all. Goodnight!

Overall Post
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 9:16 PM

HEY 206!!

Small Print: These instructions apply to everyone.(:

What to Wear There:
  1. BLACK shirt
  2. Whatever bottom you want
  3. Slippers
  4. Anything else you would like to wear, some optional, but some compulsory (you know what I mean)
Things to bring:
  1. Sunblock (It's going to be hot there!)
  2. Full change of clothes (there'll be wet games! Includes class tee and any bottom)
  3. Umbrella (in case it rains. If you're not going to bring, and it rains, you'll be making the person you're sharing with wet.)
  4. The food/material you have volunteered to bring.
  5. Money ($15-20 should be more than enough)
  6. Blindfold! (For the games)
  7. A small towel to dry yourself after the wet games
  8. Yourself(:
  1. Meet at the Toa Payoh MRT Station Faregates at 10.15am sharp (faregates are the place where you have to scan your card to go through)
  2. Reaching East Coast Park at 11am
  3. The rest is playing time!(:
  4. There'll be one hour set aside free for doing anything you want with your friends, but the rest of the time, we have to STICK AS A CLASS, since this is a CLASS outing.
  5. Lunch would be those food everyone's bringing.
  6. The outing ends at 6pm, those who want to go home for dinner can go back, while the rest who want to eat dinner at ECP will continue on.
Yup that would be all, enjoy yourselves tomorrow, be sporty and enthusiastic! Any questions please ask any of us, and we'll readily answer!(:

Goodnight and sleep more for more energy! Have a great time tomorrow!!!!

Lots of Love,
12:40 PM

Hello class!
The outing's tomorrow!
Most of us will probably be coming on the North-South line so it will be rather inconvenient for us to go to Bedok, which is on the East-West line.
Therefore, it will be easier for us to meet at Toa Payoh station instead, and take a bus from there.
This was a suggestion on Shannon [the Sheep]'s part.
The bus ride will take about 45 minutes, so we will be meeting at Toa Payoh station at 10 15.
DO NOT BE LATE, please.
Also, please bring a change of clothes for we'll be having water games.
Caps, sunblock, sand toys.
And bring your enthusiasm!
Heylo people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Tuesday, June 22, 2010 10:07 PM

hi hi hi!!!!!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE! ok, im sorry to be MIA xD was really away :P

ok, in this coming outing, we will hav 7+ games, and bout 2 games that will get you wet. So jus get ready!

and there will be lotsa forfeits :P so, jus be sporty and do ur forfeits xD

be enthu! be excited! and just be high for this gathering!!

bring enough money though! cos u don wan to worry bout money during this outing!

bring water bottle!!! hydrate hydrate and hydrate yourself!!!
shall not leak much bout our GAMES~ so we will tell all of u on that day itself!!!

but as u can seeeeee we hav FOOD! :D
so much better than last year rite? :)

jus get excited! and be there for this outing!!!

love, Jan
How to Get to East Coast
8:49 PM

Hey 06!

Here's how you get to East Coast Park:
  1. Take the MRT to Bedok station.
  2. After fare gate, take the escalator down and turn left.
  3. Then take escalator up until you see a bus-stop..
  4. Take bus number 31.
  5. After alighting, ask for directions to East Coast Park.
  6. Walk until you see a underground passageway that leads to East Coast Park.

We'll meet at BEDOK MRT STATION at 10 45 sharp.


-Sarah (on behalf of Janice!)